Android is a much faster and more stable platform than Windows 10, according to Microsoft

Microsoft has been quick to blame Android, which it says has a faster processor and higher resolution.

The company said on Wednesday that it’s now running the newest version of Windows 10 on its devices and has seen significant improvements in performance, including a 10 percent performance increase on the Surface Pro 4.

But in some areas, the improvements are not quite there.

Windows 10 is more stable and faster, according Microsoft’s Andrew Mitchell, who wrote an article titled Why Android is still so much faster than Windows on The Verge.

But on some important tasks, the OS is less stable and more prone to bugs than Windows, which Mitchell called “a massive disappointment.”

“The biggest takeaway from the Windows 10 launch is that it isn’t as fast as it once was, and it’s still very much not as stable,” Mitchell wrote.

“But there are some very significant improvements that you can make to get Android on par with Windows 10.

For example, we’ve got a whole bunch of new things to improve performance and stability in the OS.”

But the performance improvement is not immediate.

“In some cases, we’re seeing faster performance on some of the older apps, or some of those older applications are taking longer to load,” Mitchell said.

“The only real change is that we’re using the newest hardware and that the new hardware is faster and it looks like Windows 10 does a better job of supporting some of these new features.”

For example: Performance is more consistent in the background, when the CPU is idle, and in the foreground, when there’s an application in progress.

That makes it easier to work with apps like Twitter, which runs better in the evening and can load quickly when the clock is set to 9:00 PM, but slows down to the background when it’s not.

“When you have a slow CPU or a low-res display, you have to make more frequent and complex calculations and you have less of an ability to get things done,” Mitchell explained.

“So you can have these big tasks where you can do a lot of work in the afternoon and then have a lot more work in your evening, but the day before it’s all done.”

Mitchell said it’s a combination of hardware and software that makes Android so fast, but that it will be difficult to make it as stable as Windows 10 for all of the things we use.

“There are certain features in the Windows platform that we really need to be careful about,” Mitchell concluded.

The problem with Android?

There are also issues with the software itself.

Microsoft says it has seen performance issues in some apps that were built for Android, but it has not yet found a flaw.

“Some of the apps are a little more complicated than they need to for a modern mobile operating system,” Mitchell told The Verge in an interview.

“We’re still seeing performance issues, and we have to work on them.”

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