Computer Fingerprint Software Can Help Protect You From Fraud

Computer fingerprint software is increasingly becoming the latest tool in the cyber-security arsenal to help thwart cybercriminals from stealing your identity and private information.

The cybersecurity software company that sells it, iSightSE, announced Friday that it is working with the U.S. Secret Service to develop a system that would help secure the computers of those using it.

The system, called “Fingerprint ID,” would be used to identify computers used by people who have been in contact with someone who could potentially steal your identity or other sensitive data.

It would also enable security companies to access and identify computer systems used by those using the software, such as a hotel’s network, a bank’s payment systems, and the financial institutions that handle their customers’ accounts.

The company said the system would also help law enforcement authorities “to prevent, identify, and apprehend individuals who have committed financial crimes, including money laundering, securities fraud, and drug trafficking.”

The software is the latest step in a long line of security tools being deployed by technology companies in response to growing cyber threats.

Last year, Apple introduced the first-ever fingerprint reader, the Apple Pay, and other technology companies are using it to verify credit card numbers, verify social security numbers and other financial information, and help companies secure credit cards.

Apple is the world’s biggest smartphone vendor, and has made the fingerprint reader the go-to tool for most people using the iPhone.

Its products have become ubiquitous in the past year, with fingerprint-based unlocking of millions of phones.

The company is also working on a fingerprint reader for Apple Pay.

Google’s fingerprint reader is used on a Google Glass wearable, but the company has recently been moving away from the device, which requires a fingerprint to operate.

The new system would let anyone with an Apple or Android smartphone to access the system and unlock the phone.

The service would work with any device that has been unlocked, but would only work with devices with a fingerprint sensor.

iSIGHTSE CEO Mike Kugelman told Ars that the company would develop the system with the help of the Secret Service, which would help it provide the system to law enforcement and other security partners.

Kugelman said the company had “a great partnership” with the Secret Services, but declined to specify how many law enforcement partners would be involved.

“They are a big part of our overall strategy for the enterprise security,” he said.

“They are the ones who have to actually do the security.

They have to take care of all the things that the device has to do.

They are also the ones that have to go out and get all the information that the devices have to have.”

Kugelman said the Secret Society of Police has been developing the system since the beginning of the year, and would be partnering with the FBI in the next few months to develop an implementation plan.

“We will get the system into place and hopefully be able to get the government involved soon, but we are getting a lot of interest from the industry,” he told Ars.

“In a lot in the law enforcement world, that is an area where we have not seen a lot,” he added.

“We are very excited about the prospect of this system being in place and working for law enforcement.”

Apple said that it has also been working with a number of security companies on the system, including Kaspersky Lab, FireEye, Symantec, and Avast.

The companies said that they have been working on the project for more than a year.

“I am really excited to see this product being deployed into law enforcement across the country,” FireEye chief technology officer Nick Bevins told Ars in a statement.

“This is a very exciting step forward for the security industry as we see it being used in a number a different ways by law enforcement,” said Symantech’s Eric Pajares in a blog post.

“The technology is now in the hands of law enforcement, and with the right tools in place, the world is one step closer to better protecting its citizens.”

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