Computer software will soon be sold in shops, on shelves and online –

A software developer is hoping that his invention, which allows people to control the flow of water through their homes by simply turning a knob, will soon become a reality.

A team of researchers have developed a technology that allows users to control water flow by controlling the water level in their homes, the ABC understands.

The team at the University of Adelaide have created a device that can be controlled remotely from an app, which can then be used to control an industrial water system, such as a boiler, that has been designed to automatically pump water through the pipes.

Water levels are measured in millimetres, but it’s difficult to tell what level is being pumped into a water tank.

They also want to control where the water goes in the house.

“The water will flow around, so there’s a bit of a lag, but once you’ve got the water on the floor and the water flowing around it, it’s pretty easy to control,” University of South Australia research associate professor Mark Whelan said.

This is where you can also control the water pressure on the pumps so it’s not just an individual knob controlling the flow.

It’s an amazing innovation, it could be used by a whole range of industries to do really, really cool things, he said.

Mr Whelen said the technology was the first he had seen that could be controlled via the app.

His team have designed a system that works by using sensors to sense pressure in the water.

If the sensor readings are within a certain range, the water will be pumped.

That could allow people to install sensors in the ceiling of their house, to keep the water out of their homes.

However, he cautioned that this is not the only use for the device.

Other applications include providing lighting in homes that have no air conditioning, or water conservation systems that could capture and store rainwater.

He said the device could be incorporated into other home automation systems such as the air conditioner and furnace that could automatically adjust the temperature, or the air conditioning system that was already in place.

Computer software will become increasingly common in the next decade, with the advent of smartwatches, smart home devices, and mobile devices, the University’s Mr Whelin said.

“This is a very exciting time for computing,” he said.””

This will allow the software to be used more widely.

“It will also give us more control over water and water conservation.”

The research is published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

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