Google software is making its way to Android devices, Google says

Google software and services have become the dominant means by which Android smartphones and tablets run software, which is a major shift for Google.

Google has made significant investments in software over the past decade, with more than $3 billion invested in software to power its own Android mobile platform and more than 100 billion dollars in the Google Cloud, according to research firm Gartner.

The company has invested billions of dollars in cloud computing and other cloud-based technologies that make it easier to distribute, manage and run applications.

Google is also using Google Cloud Platform, the open-source code that powers Google’s Google Compute Engine, to power Google services, including Android.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently said that Google was now the “largest cloud company in the world” and the company’s cloud business is now growing more than twice as fast as its core cloud computing business.

This is important because Google’s cloud has been one of the major drivers of Android devices running Android software, and many developers and OEMs are using Google’s open-sourced Java and the Java programming language to run their Android applications.

The Google Cloud has also been a significant source of revenue for Google and its partners, as it has allowed Google to scale its infrastructure infrastructure across its businesses, including data centers, and its mobile operating systems, including its Android mobile operating system.

Google is now building a $1 billion-a-year data center at its campus in Mountain View, California, to run the Cloud and to serve as a test bed for Google’s Android-powered applications, according the company.

The Google data center will also serve as the headquarters for the company as well as serve as an office for Google employees.

Pichai announced earlier this month that Google will start offering Android apps for Google Cloud at some point in the next few years.

Google has long been known for offering Android-based applications, but Pichi said that the cloud’s potential applications are greater than ever.

“We are seeing the dawn of a new era, when Google will have a global footprint that extends well beyond the United States, the world’s largest market,” Pichia said.

Google’s Android platform, which has become one of Google’s most important business drivers, is widely used on Android smartphones, tablets and other devices in many countries, including the U.S.

Google Cloud Platform allows developers to create and deploy apps, which can run on Android devices and can be integrated with other Google services.

Google said that about 1.3 billion Android devices have been installed globally on its cloud-powered infrastructure.

Google Cloud also serves as a source of data for Google services including its Google Maps service, Google Docs, Google Cloud Storage and its Google Cloud Image Library.

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