How software can save lives in the cyber-age

An Australian computer software programmer has developed a program that uses the brain’s electrical activity to help people make better decisions.

Key points:Empowered computers and smart glasses are becoming increasingly common in hospitalsEmpowering brain function is important for better mental healthCognitive behavioural therapy, which focuses on the brain and its connections, is increasingly popular in hospitalsIt uses computer code and brain activity to monitor and monitor again to see if patients are having the best experienceThe program, which was developed by computer programmer Alex Dutton, is the first to use brain waves to give a more accurate estimate of how well people are performing at work.

“It’s essentially like having a video camera in your brain, and that’s the brainwave tracking, so we know what your performance is doing, and it’s a way of getting more information out of the brain,” he said.

“The brainwave data helps to understand how your brain is working.”

Dr Dutton said the brain was designed to function optimally in a particular task.

“Your brain works optimally if you’re in a state of constant focus,” he explained.

“So if you don’t have that, then you’re not going to be able to complete the task.

So if you have to work with a bunch of people, you’re probably going to struggle a bit because you’re going to lose focus, you’ll be overwhelmed, you might not have the concentration necessary to work well.”

Dr Andrew Clements, a cognitive behavioural therapist at the University of Melbourne, said the program could be used to help individuals who are struggling to make decisions.

“You could see the impact that these technologies have had on people in a hospital, in a classroom, in an office setting, in the workplace,” he told Al Jazeera.

“This is going to change how we look at people’s lives and how we care for them.”

There’s a lot of good research going on that’s showing that we can use this technology to help with these complex issues.

“Clements said there were also signs that the brain could be adapted to cope with new conditions and that the program might have a wide-ranging impact on how doctors work.

But he cautioned that the use of technology in the context of mental health was still in its infancy.”

We’re not there yet in terms of technology being used to change people’s behaviour,” he added.”

Right now, the only way to change behaviour is to change the brain.

We need to look at the underlying brain and then see what brain changes can be achieved through different brain systems.

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