How to turn off your phone’s camera and camera app without removing your phone from the house

You probably have one of these on your phone.

You’ve probably also got one of those in your pocket or purse, but that one probably doesn’t belong in your home.

This is because when you turn off the camera app on your smartphone, it blocks the camera from automatically showing what you see on your screen.

If you’ve got this problem, you might want to try turning off the automatic video recording feature of your smartphone camera app, or at least turning off all the other features on the device.

Video recording isn’t something you should turn off on a phone.

The more features on a device, the more options it has to record video.

To turn off video recording, just turn off those features.

But if you don’t know how to turn it off on your computer, or if you’re using a different phone model, here’s how to disable automatic video-recording on your Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

When you turn the camera off in your smartphone or tablet app, it turns off video output on the camera.

If the camera isn’t showing video, then you probably want to disable all the video output in the app.

Here’s how.

In the Windows Phone app, go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Video Recorder.

You can find a setting to turn on video recording in the settings.

You’ll need to enable automatic video production on the phone, or turn off automatic video video recording.

To do that, open the app, tap the Video Recorders tab, and tap Advanced Settings.

In Advanced Settings, scroll down to the “Record Video” section and select Turn off video production.

This will block all video output for the phone.

To disable video recording on your iPhone, follow the same steps.

Click the Video recorder tab in the Settings app.

In Video Recenter, turn off Video recording.

If video is showing, turn on automatic video output.

If no video is shown, you can turn off all video recording for the camera, and then turn off Automatic video production again.

Now your iPhone or Windows 8 smartphone camera is off and the video recording is on.

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