Jaws 2: Alien Resurrection trailer leaked to promote upcoming sequel

Updated May 29, 2018 12:57pm EDT It’s not hard to see why Jaws was a hit with audiences.

Jaws is the kind of film that gets you hooked.

In fact, the only reason you see Jaws movies as a kid is because you want to be like the kid.

You want to feel the thrill of flying through the air, or jump off the side of a cliff and see how fast you can walk.

Or you want a car chase that feels like the movies are playing out on your phone, because that’s the kind you want.

You can imagine a film like Jaws: Alien, in which the audience is being sucked into a story of the horrors that have befallen the planet.

And you can also imagine a Jaws movie where we can finally see what happened to the alien lifeforms.

The movie’s director, Steven Spielberg, wanted a movie like Jabs.

And he made it.

The original Jaws made $5.4 billion worldwide, and in the years since, it has been a cultural touchstone, a favorite among the kids.

It has been adapted for the big screen in several versions, and the franchise has been expanded over the years, making it a favorite with adults as well.

But this year, Spielberg announced that the film would be making its big screen debut on May 31, 2019, as part of the rebooted Alien franchise.

The teaser trailer released this week by the studio includes footage of Jaws, the alien-possessed alien, and what Spielberg describes as a new film set in the future.

But there are other hints in the trailer that hint at the new movie, as well as the fact that it will feature a more diverse cast.

Jaw is the movie about a kid who discovers a new planet and the alien beings that inhabit it.

It’s about a young boy discovering that he has been abducted by the creatures.

It stars Matt Damon, Rebecca Ferguson, Owen Wilson, Dwayne Johnson, and James Franco.

It opens in theaters on May 29.

The film will feature an all-new crew and director, according to the studio.

The first trailer shows a crew of scientists, engineers, and scientists, including a scientist who is actually Jaws himself.

The film also features the first glimpse of a new alien, a creature called a “beast.”

It’s a creature that is completely humanoid, and it’s been seen in previous Jaws films, including the 2010 sequel, Jaws.

It also has an appearance in the 2009 movie Jurassic Park.

This is a new, fresh story for the franchise, with new creatures that are completely new to the franchise.

It will have a completely new cast, and new stories, and a new look.

The cast of the new film is a mix of old and new actors.

We’ve got Matt Damon in his very first big role, Rebecca, the first woman to be in a movie that features a woman.

We have Dwayne in a new role, he was in the previous JAW, he played the alien in the 2010 movie.

And James Franco is back.

He plays a new character who is very, very familiar to the original JAW.

The new film will be the first in a line of films that will be set in a different era than the original.

But while the new aliens are entirely new to Jaws (and the original movie was set in an alternate universe), they will be completely familiar to fans of the franchise who grew up with the original movies.

And while Jaws will be a new movie to many, it will be loved by many of its fans.

JAW was a critical and commercial hit.

It grossed over $7 billion worldwide.

It is one of the biggest grossing movies of all time.

Jawed is also considered one of Spielberg’s greatest movies.

Its success also inspired the movie franchise.

Its franchise has spawned three sequels and a series of spinoffs.

And Jaws remains a huge influence on other Spielberg movies, including Jaws Forever, JAW 3, and Jaws 4.

If the new Alien movie is any indication, fans will have plenty of reasons to cheer when it opens on May 30.

[This article has been updated to include a new image of the trailer. ]

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