VW’s VW software ‘not as secure as other companies’

Volkswagen is making the same mistake it did in 2010 when it released software that had been previously vetted by a security researcher who had not found vulnerabilities in the software itself.

The Volkswagen software in question is called the Active Driving Assistant, or ADAS, which is the name for Volkswagen’s automated driving software.

The ADAS software is used to help users monitor their cars and monitor traffic.

But when it was released to the public in October of last year, the ADAS app did not meet standards set by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

“The ADAS driver assistance system has been tested against all of the industry standards,” Volkswagen’s chief security officer told Fortune in a statement last month.

“This is a software development process that is designed to improve upon existing technologies and meet industry standards.”

That was bad news for Volkswagen.

The company had been touting its new ADAS as the safest way to drive.

The problem was that the ADas software could easily be exploited to allow hackers to spy on traffic and steal personal information.

As of last month, Volkswagen was still working on fixes to the problem, but the company has since released a patch that it says should fix the security hole, but not the vulnerability in the ADAs software.

Volkswagen said that it would be updating the software in two months.

But the company did not disclose the extent of the fixes it had made, and it has not responded to requests for comment from Fortune.

Volkswagen told Fortune that the company would continue to work on fixes and updates to the ADS software.

For more: Volkswagen is offering a free trial of its ADAS auto-safety app to help the automaker learn how to better protect its users against cyberattacks.

Volkswagen says it has already addressed the vulnerability.

The issue is just the latest example of how Volkswagen’s ADAS is vulnerable to hackers, who could gain access to the vehicle’s data and even the entire system.

The vulnerability also highlights how vulnerable the company’s systems are to attacks that would allow a hacker to gain full control over the vehicle and its systems. 

Volkswagen said last month that it was working with the FTC to resolve the issue, but declined to provide any further details about what it has been working on.

Volksmobil has been trying to fix the vulnerability since at least 2015.

Volkswagen had previously announced that it had patched the vulnerability, but it had not yet released a fix for it.

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