When the Internet was dead, Google’s Google News software was the killer app

Google is going the route of Facebook’s News app, which offers news that’s easy to consume, like stories about celebrities, sports, and movies.

This week, the company has announced that it will also offer news and video content in Google News as well as on the social network’s YouTube and Google+.

Google is looking to fill a void created by the demise of its News app after its acquisition of news startup Instapaper in 2015.

“Our goal is to create a better, more personal experience for users who use Google News, and we want to be the place to share the stories and stories they love,” Google’s vice president of search and content, Andy Rubin, said in a statement.

“The new News app will give users access to their favorite stories from Google News that they’ve shared on Instapapers and YouTube, as well news from news sources that you’ve previously subscribed to.

News apps have become increasingly popular in recent years, with the introduction of Feedly, the Feed, and Instapapper.

This new News experience will enable users to get the best news and stories in the news feed at the time they want it.”

Users can opt in to this new News feature via the Google News app on Android or iOS.

Google said it will continue to invest heavily in News.

“We are excited to see what other stories we can create for Google News in the future,” Rubin said.

Instapapaper is a social news aggregator that helped launch the social-networking site WeChat.

It was acquired by Facebook in 2015 for $2 billion.

Instapo has a similar idea for News, but the app will offer the same basic feature set as News.

Google has said it is aiming to launch a News app for Google+.

“Instapaper, in particular, is a great example of how we want News to be a platform for sharing great stories,” Rubin wrote in the statement.

InstaNews will work similarly to Instapapp, which is a news aggregating platform that works similar to Facebook’s news feed.

Instaper will also be able to create News stories that are based on user interests and topics, like sports, fashion, music, and video.

InstAPapaper will have a “deep understanding of the people you follow,” Rubin added.

Google’s news apps have a lot of similarities with Facebook’s.

Like Facebook, they are based around the social networking app, Google+, and they use a “trending” model, meaning that their content will trend based on popular searches and other events.

This means that news will appear more often in the News app if the news app trended higher on Google+ or if the News search trended on Facebook.

Like Instapapeaper, Google News is also going to offer News in an iOS app.

Google News also is getting into video and video ads, though the company is not saying when it will launch these ads.

Google isn’t making any announcements yet about the next version of the News apps, but it did recently release the first beta version of a new feature that will allow users to set up custom “personalized news content.”

This feature, called “news widgets,” lets users create news widgets that can be shared on news websites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

The feature allows users to embed customized stories into a News widget, and then allow users with the same name to add stories to their News widgets.

Google is also looking at integrating with video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video, and HBO Go, among other video services.

Google plans to introduce the new News apps at a Google+ developer conference on June 9 in Mountain View, California.

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